Bioinformátic analysis


The FISABIO Sequencing and Bioinformatics Service offers consulting in experiment planning and data mining for massive sequencing  (quality assessment, data interpretation).


Our goal is to help the users in extracting the most complete information from sequencing data and to help during its interpretation.


The service applies analytical pipelines processing the data according to the required protocol. The pipelines provide, jointly with all tables and high resolution charts, complete HTML documents which include detailed explanations on used approaches, materials and methods, and bibliographic references.


The service offers also ad-hoc pipelines built according to specific user needs.


Our pipelines include:

  • Taxonomic annotation of ribosomal gene data (Prokaryotic 16S/Eukaryotic 23S, ITS)
  • Comparative analysis of natural or clinical microbial communities based on 16S/23S rDNA gene or ITS distributions
  • Annotation of genomes/transcriptomes and metagenomes/metatranscriptomes
  • Variant calling in resequencing studies
  • Comparative analysis within multiple genomes describing SNPs/InDels profiles, differential gene annotation and pan-genome description
  • Genome/Metagenome assembly
  • Searching for virulence factors in microbial genomes

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