FISABIO is a public organisation affiliated to the Regional Government of Valencia, Spain, with its own legal status, created under the Valencia Public Health Law. FISABIO provides an environment that facilitates research activity for different external agents whose goals are in alignment with the strategic objectives of the centre, and has significant experience with hospital surveillance network.

FISABIO coordinates and animates the Network, based on scientific long term public-private partnership between Sanofi-Pasteur and several institutes covering the major international regions of the world (The Missions of FISAIBIO will adapt accordingly during the development of the Network in collaboration with Sanofi Pasteur and the rest of present and future partners).

FISABIO applies the degree of skill, care and diligent supervision necessary to ensure that the coordination of the Network and all the Results of this coordination are of high quality, in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, generally accepted professional standards, methodological approaches, and industry norms.

The GIHSN Coordination team is composed of the Coordinator itself, two epidemiologists, a statistician and a research assistant, the based in the Vaccine Research Department of FISABIO in Valencia, Spain.