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St Petersburg


In collaboration with:

Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation, Research Institute of Influenza, WHO National Influenza Centre of Russia


Research Institute of Influenza is one of the top scientific centres in the area of molecular biology, epidemiology, clinical picture and pathogenesis of viral infections, development of highly-sensitive diagnostic reagents and effective means for public antiviral protection.

RII incorporates Federal Influenza and ARI Centre and WHO National Influenza Centre, successfully operating both on the national and global levels as an integral part of WHO Global Influenza Surveillance and Response System.

The principal activities of the Institute include exploration of molecular-genetic and phylogenetic features of prevailing and newly emerging viruses, including identification of viral genetic determinants, and forecasting evolutionary variability of influenza and other viral agents.

Participating GIHSN study hospitals:

­City Infectious Diseases Hospital # 30
St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

­Children's Infectious Hospital # 5
St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

­Children's City Hospital # 4
St. Petersburg, Russian Federation