Sample Request

Application Form for research projects
Download .pdf.
All researchers who wish to request samples from the RVB must fill out the form request samples for research projects (available on the website of the RVB) and send it to the following email address martinez_jac@

Along with the application form samples will be attached the following documents:
- Report of the research project.
- Corresponding approval of an ethics committee.
If the project hasn't such approval for comittee shall get in touch with the RVB Management Unit by phone  to 96 192 59 08.
The original application form must be signed and sent to the following address:
Coordinator of the Network of Valencia Biobanks
Centro Superior de Investigación en Salud Pública
Av. de Catalunya, 21
46020 Valencia

When the request electronically was receive, the Management Unit of the RVB will confirm the arrived from request. Should you not receive confirmation, contact with such administrative unit through the email address

If the request meets all formal requirements, the Management Unit of the RVB will request the Scientific Committee and Ethics Comittee which are assigned to the biobank in network that hosts the samples to accept of project. If any of the samples belong nodes RVB, the Scientific Committee and the Ethics Committee of the RVB  who decide the assessing the request.

Once approved, the request for samples, shall be the signing of an agreement MTA (Material Transfer Agreement) between the RVB and the applicant organization.

Since the RVB is recommended that researchers who need samples for a research project, before presenting the project to the public announcement, an inquiry of availability of the same. The report issued will not be binding but will be considered by the Scientific Committee and Ethics in the case of coincidence of interests between various applications and / or research projects, when advising on how to make transfer of samples from the most appropriate way possible.