Descriptions and Objectives
The Valencian Biobanking Network, promoted by the Directorate General of Health through the Centre for Public Health Research (CSISP), has been created as an initiative of cooperation and coordination between authorized biobanks in the Region of Valencia.
The network constitutes a service to support research to strengthen biomedical research excellence in the Region of Valencia.
The Network has as its main objectives:
  - To consolidate the existing biobanks in the Region of Valencia and promote the development of new ones.
- To identify and develop a mass of biological samples of interest for researchers.
- To increase the accessibility to biological samples by research groups.
- To coordinate the activities of the different biobanks and promote quality practices.
- To incorporate information from biological samples in epidemiological analysis of diseases in Valencia.
- To ensure the respect for fundamental rights and civil liberties, dignity protection and donor identity, as well as the treatment of their personal data.